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You're a powerful, intuitive coach that knows how to facilitate mind-blowing transformations.

I know that you've taken alllll the classes, courses, & gotten the credentials..

You know that your work is SO needed.

and you're asking yourself:

"Where tf are all the clients??"
"When will it be MY turn?"
"What am I missing?"
"Why does this feel so hard?"

Hi, hello, welcome.

I am here to bring your unique magic to life.
It's time to embody your message, so that your potential clients crave your offers over & over again.
Sounds juicy right?

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It's time to unlock your deepest desires..
You know the ones that society made you feel were impossible AF for you?
Or the ones that scare the shit out of you?
Yeah those ones.

I believe that your energy is what makes you MAGNETIC.

This is why there are SO many coaches out there that say the same things, and use the same words.

But their energy is what makes them stand out.

You don't need to try to be different.

Your true energy & expression will speak for itself.
But you have to learn how to master it.

Which means finally releasing the cycle of burning yourself out to burning your business to the ground.

If you want to be an in-demand leader, now is the time to bring energy
to your

& in my world..
Everything that nourishes your energy, is a business building activity.

Connecting with your energy is a business building activity.
Prioritizing your pleasure is a business building activity.
Resting is a business building activity.

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Hi, I'm Becca Cavanaugh

Bold AF Biz Coach


I guide intuitive leaders to overcome self-doubt, banish burn out, and unapologetically take up space so that they can magnetize massive income & impact, while being their most bold, turned-on self.

My work is for the woman who WANTS it all..

but deep fear, shame, & overwhelm is holding her back from living a life that supports her full expression.

It is my mission to teach you how to stop the cycle of settling, tap into your unique power, & embody your boldness, all while building a business that is as profitable as it is pleasurable.

Because you don't have to have it all.

You GET to have it all.

Working with Becca is like...

"Becca is the perfect mix of life and business coaching; she is super nurturing but also isn't afraid to challenge you; and she's an all-around super genuine human who is fantastic at what she does. I have loved my time with her and have grown so much!

Becca's holistic approach let me explore what was going on in my inner and outer world beyond just "how can I make more sales" etc. I feel like I was seen as a full person and space was held for me accordingly!"

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Ready to dip your toes in?
Take your pick...

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Hotter on Top Podcast

The Hotter on Top podcast is for the woman that wants it ALL. The thriving business, the deep passionate relationships, and the embodied inner radiance to hold it all with pleasure. This podcast infuses pleasure with business strategy to have you feeling hot & on top of every aspect of your life! New episodes every week!

Bold Biz Bitch Playground

A FREE community for multi-passionate entrepreneurial babes to embody their boldest expression, in an fun, edgy environment. In this space, you will get to express & explore ALL sides of yourself & your brand! Juicy trainings, challenges, and permission to PLAY in the energy of a rich & radiant business owner.