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Ready to break all the rules & build a pleasurable business?


Hey, I'm Becca Cavanaugh 

Business Magnetism Coach for Intuitive Entrepreneurs, Coaches, & Leaders


I guide intuitive leaders to overcome self-doubt, banish burn out, and unapologetically take up space so that they can magnetize massive income & impact, while being their most bold, turned-on self.

My work is for the woman who WANTS it all..

but deep fear, shame, & overwhelm is holding her back from living a life that supports her full expression.

It is my mission to teach you how to stop the cycle of settling, tap into your unique power, & embody your boldness, all while building a business that is as profitable as it is pleasurable.

Because you don't have to have it all.

You GET to have it all.


It's time to unlock your deepest desires..

You know the ones that society made you feel were impossible AF for you?

Or the ones that scare the shit out of you?

Yeah those ones.

Are you done with settling & self-sabotage?

Are you sick of feeling unsatisfied in your business & your bank account?

Are you ready to break-up with quick fixes, & create sustainability in your life & business?

You'll be surprised at will unfold when you start tapping into your turn-on. No, I don't just mean mind-blowing orgasms (although that's fun, too).
But- how would your life change if you knew you could access your most liberated & empowered self with a few simple practices?

Imagine how profitable your business would become if you knew how to tap into your radiance & became a magnet to your soul-aligned clients.

What if you could move through self-doubt, self-sabotage, overwhelm & comparison quickly?

How much time, energy, & mental space would you free up?

& what if I told you that you can have allllll of this by embracing your turn on?
Your intuition.

It's your turn to turn on.

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Join me every week as we dive deep into pleasure based business, sacred sensuality, and sexy manifestation.


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My 1:1 coaching is ideal for women who are ready to shed their old selves, transform their lives, & live a life full of pleasure, passion, & purpose.

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