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If you're in the coaching industry and..

You feel like everybody has it figured out, and wonder if you're missing something..

You worry that you aren't "business savvy" enough to make the impact and income you desire..

You fear that the only solution to grow your business is to hire everything out, but you're barely profiting as it is..

You constantly worry that you aren't doing enough...while also feeling like you're doing too much..

Does this sound like you?
I want you to know that 1) You're not alone, there is a HUGE gap in the industry when it comes to the BTS of business building and 2) Business is a skill that can be taught!


What if you knew *exactly* how to rapidly grow your business without sacrificing your sanity?

A business that thrives when you spend more time in your zone of genius.

A business that thrives when you take a day, a week, or hell, even a month off.

A business that runs itself so you can have the real freedom you've been craving.



You deserve to have a
thriving business.

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Feeling organized and at ease knowing that your business is always working for you, even when you're sleeping.


Having a clear AF journey that guides your potential clients to find you, trust you, + pay you without having a million DM conversations that go on for days.


Having complete trust in your strategy + systems so you can focus on serving more humans + doing what lights you up, all while maximizing your profit.


How much money, time, and anxiety you will save having everything you need to build the foundation for a thriving online service-based business, all in one program.

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The truth is..

Even your dream business, is still a fucking business.


A whole ass business that is fueled by your energy and leadership.


A business where you have to meet certain requirements for it to be considered a business.


This is where your expensive hobby transforms into a

legit full-force business.

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You will walk away with:

Foundational skills + knowledge that are necessary to build, grow, and rapidly scale your business.

Tools to access more pleasure, ease, and sustainability in your strategy so you can run your business unapologetically YOUR way.

The embodied confidence you need to stop the second-guessing and fully trust yourself to make decisions like the savvy CEO you know you're meant to be.

Mindset shifts that will transform how you view your business, and have you planning for the long-game.

A guide to all the seemly "small" pieces of business that create a massive impact (and may be secretly sabotaging your success)

Stop working in your business, and let your business work for you.

This is the program I wish I had sooner.


I had pushed away systems for soooo long.  I felt that systems would make it all too complicated.

I feared I was going to lose my sense of control.

In an effort to make it "easier" on myself, I made it WAY fucking harder because my business wasn't growing.

I didn't know HOW to make it less complicated...

so it became MORE complicated.

Go figure.

Which lead me to doubting if I was even

cut out to be a business owner. 

What if it never clicked?

What if I stayed in this place of struggle forever?

With nothing left to lose... I knew I had to try something different. I had to figure it out. I HAD to make it work.


Are you in this place?

Savvy & Seductive CEO (4).png

5 months later..

My business transformed really. fucking. fast.

Like seeing 30+ new clients a month became my new normal.

The best part?
I knew I could hold it all with confidence.
Even with holding more clients than I ever imagined possible,

it felt easier than ever before.


Because I completely trusted my business strategy was running 24/7 in the background. All I had to do what show up.


I attracted more aligned clients than ever before.

My retention rate went through the roof.

Word about my work spread like wildfire.

All of this didn't happen by accident. It happened because I finally stepped into the systems that took me from unsure business owner to fully embodied CEO.

For SO LONG I resisted the missing piece that was keeping me away from my business success.

A missing piece that I know you may be resisting too.

I get it....But I deeply believe that you deserve to know these simple shifts that will transform your business forever.

Are you ready for your business pop?

Savvy & Seductive CEO (Facebook Cover) (2).png

Go from...

Picture this-
You just had your first YES on a connection call! YAY! But as you start to celebrate… the sinking feeling comes in of “holy shit, I just signed a client…WTF do I need to do now?”

So you rush over to google and type “how do I take client payments?” and alllllllllll these results come up, but none of them are for your exact industry…

So you then turn to the public forums filled with your peers, they will know right? Once you hit "post" on your ask, you are overwhelmed at the response. Ok you have you’ve found a few options, now how the hell do you set it up??

Meanwhile, your client is waiting on a response…


You just got off an amazing connection call with your potential client, you knew EXACTLY how to ethically sell your program, and they said YES.


You have already set up an automated proposal that is waiting for you to give it the go-ahead. You have a clear & consistent plan that makes it easy for you to run on repeat. You have the link ready for them to pay you.


They send you the money that night. Now you get to bask in your celebration and enjoy a glass of wine at your favorite restaurant. 


This is the Savvy + Seductive CEO difference.

Week 1: Establishing your CEO vision

 Taking the time to zoom out and clarify your vision as a CEO. This is the opportunity to redefine who can be a CEO, build a healthy relationship with your business, and start to implement a CEO schedule that works for you!

Week 2: Identifying your signature offer

I walk you through the simple thought process and strategies to create a signature offer that is a representation of your brand. We dive deep into how to cleanly price your offer that leaves you feeling supported and valued.

Week 3: Your client journey

The art of building trust through systems! How to guide your potential clients in your content marketing to like, know, trust, and pay you without it feeling cold or sales-ly. This is where you can learn to make sales in your sleep!


Week 4: Selling like a seductive CEO

Breaking down all the creative ways of selling that leaves you and your potential clients feeling empowered! No more sales scripts, or cold pitching. This is where your seductive CEO self gets to come out and play!


Week 5: Signing high-level clients

Learn how to onboard clients into your high-ticket offers, leaving no stone unturned. I will guide you through all the ways you can fill in the gaps for your clients by implementing clear boundaries and setting a container that feels clear and secure for both of you.

Week 6: Manage your business like a CEO

THIS is what will transform your hobby into a legit business! Learn how to handle the behind the scenes of your business. From managing your money, to organizing your systems to keep you on track. Take out the guesswork of your finances.

Week 7: Building your client experience

Ok, you made the sales, now what? I break down all the ways you can surprise and delight your clients while they are inside your containers. If you want to see more clients renewing contracts and referring all their friends to you, then this is where it all happens!


Week 8: Making moves like a CEO

This is where we bring it all together. How to move forward with your newfound knowledge and infuse trust into your processes by perfecting what you have created.



Sales Call Strategy: Steal my sales call process that has a 90% close rate!

Client Troubleshooting: Uncovering all the inevitable and undesirable client situations so you can hold and handle them like a grounded CEO.

Content that converts: A past training that will help you create effective content that will bring you more sales.

Launch Method Masterclass: A 45 min masterclass on how to schedule out your launch and do it in a way that leaves space for pleasure!

What's inside:

Savvy & Seductive CEO (Facebook Cover) (21).png
Savvy & Seductive CEO (Facebook Cover) (12).png
Savvy & Seductive CEO (Facebook Cover) (13).png

This is for you if: 

You are a coach, or service-based entrepreneur that wants to create a massive impact, while building a business sustainably + responsibly. 

You want to be held + supported in a bold group container that will ask you to step into a new level of visibility, embodiment, + deep reflection.

You have a basic knowledge of social media, and have some form of online presence that you are actively growing.

You are open + eager to learn, be challenged, and get your hands IN your business, even if it feels overwhelming or uncomfortable at times,

You are coachable, open, + willing to take 100% responsibility for your success by discerning what is best for you + your business.


This isn't for you if:

You don't have a service-based business with an online presence or don't have an interest in starting one.

You're more committed to doing things "messy" all the time, + are not willing to learn new skills that will 10x your business growth.

You rather waste hours, days, months, or even YEARS, figuring it out on your own through making mistakes + being forced into undesirable situations, instead of obtaining the knowledge needed to avoid it all together.

You're offended by witnessing a grown ass woman passionately cussing, dancing, celebrating, + being unapologetically expressed. (hi, it's me!)

You love the rush of having a roller-coaster of a business model, + are addicting to burning yourself out or burning your business to the ground.

Savvy & Seductive CEO (Facebook Cover) (10).png

If you desire

to build a thriving business that is working for you, so you can have space to play, explore, + be in pleasure

Then Savvy + Seductive CEO is right for you!

This is where I will guide you through the strategies + systems that have helped my clients 10x their profit without the burn-out, hustle, or unnecessary mistakes.

The Investment

Pay in full


$275/ mo

for 4 months



Q. How long is the program?

A. 8 weeks! This round is currently closed for enrollment. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when doors reopen!

Q. When are the calls?

A. Every Thursday throughout the program at 2pm PDT. There will be a total of 8 group calls that are 60-90 minutes long. PLUS two bonus 30 min calls, which consist of a kickoff call and a closing celebration call. All calls will be recorded, and the replay will be stored in your portal. Make sure to make it live if you want a chance to receive coaching!

Q. Are there payment plans?

A. Yup! 2 month, and 4 month payment plans! 

Q. What if I change my mind?

A. No refunds will be offered-  Trust yourself to make the commitment.

Have more questions?
Send me an email here!

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