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Is this you?

Are you feeling scattered and overwhelmed by consuming all the business advice out there, and yet have no idea HOW to apply it to your own business?

Do you feel exhausted by hustling IN your business that you feel you have no capacity to start new projects or take on more clients? (aka make more money!)

Are you ready to genuinely connect to your clients, and feel 100% comfortable with being your expressed self by releasing all the old ways of marketing and selling?

Do you dream of working a few hours a day and have more time + space than you know what to do with, without getting behind or making less?

Are you ready to stop the "do more to make more" mentality in your business, and start seeing consistent results without complicated strategies, hiring a team, or being on all the platforms?

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Are you like:
"How the hell is she reading my mind??"

Then you're in the right place!

andddd I am so ready to show you that there is another way of doing business that doesn't require you to stay stuck in the hustle, so you can actually create the freedom you're craving

I really fucking care because
I've been there.

I have built 2 businesses.

One from hustle.

One from pleasure + play.


I remember being 20 years old, building my brick and mortar as an independent stylist.

I did it ALL. I ran the discounts, did the referral programs, worked multiple jobs, hosted free events, networked, and the list goes on.

I didn't know HOW to make more by doing less...

so I remained in the cycle of being overworked and underpaid.


I felt that I HAD to hustle in order to be successful.

By following what I "had" to do, I stayed struggling.

Go figure.

Which lead me to doubting if I was even

cut out to be a business owner. 

What if it never clicked?

What if I stayed in this place of struggle forever?


Are you in this place?

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Then... the pandemic hit.

I couldn't work for 9 months straight.

Like many, I saw the reality of what I was putting myself through.

The 12 hrs days.

The 7 day work weeks.

The lack of boundaries with myself and my clients.

The heavy amount of ANXIETY that I carried every day.

I knew, I couldn't go back. I was setting myself up for failure and an unsustainable business model.

When I launched my coaching business, I decided I would do shit differently, and put MYSELF first.


That meant I had to build a resilient mindset + business foundation.

In less than a year:

I EXCEEDED my income while working 3 hrs a day (or less).

I attracted more aligned clients than ever before.

My retention rate went through the roof.

Word about my work spread like wildfire.

All of this didn't happen by accident. It happened because I finally released the hustle mentality that took me from feeling like a burnt out (and low-key, resentful) business owner to fully embodied CEO.


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What we work on together:

From outlining your next launch to auditing your copy to curating an amazing client experience, you will have my eyes and input on your work to help you better your results + skillset.

Embodiment tools to access more pleasure, ease, and sustainability so you can run your business unapologetically YOUR way.

Mindset shifts that will give you the embodied confidence you need to stop the second-guessing and fully trust yourself to make decisions like a leader.

Unconventional marketing tactics that will transform how you view selling, and have you connecting to your voice ASAP.

Intimate space holding to uncover the not-so-obvious gaps in your  business that create a massive impact (and may be secretly sabotaging your success)

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What I have found with myself, and my clients is that strategy can only go so far.
The best results come when we finally sloooow down and focus on the important shit in our business, and delete/delegate the rest. Of course strategy still has its moment. I am a huge fan of leaning on systems to do the heavy lifting so you can embrace more pleasure.

However, just like in our lives, our patterns of self-sabotage, doubt, hustle, & avoidance start to surface in our business as well. Your strategy can only be so effective if you're not prioritizing your mindset to really drive your results.

Maybe you feel like your profit potential is capped. You convince yourself that your clients are annoyed with you. You're struggling to raise your prices. You slip back into working long hours on your phone, & fill your time with busy work. Or maybe each day slips by & you keep telling yourself you'll work on your business tomorrow...

No matter what you are struggling with...the cycle stops here.

This is why this container is intimate, customized, and client led. No two clients are the same, so why would you receive identical cookie cutter support? You have a unique approach, lifestyle, perspective, and beliefs that need space to be held, deconditioned, and witnessed.
This is where you build a business that works FOR YOU and your lifestyle.

Believe it or not,
the hardest part is letting it be easy.

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Why work with me?

Because I know what it's like to start a business with little support, no extra money, + racking my brain to make it all work. I went from working multiple jobs at one time, to going all in on my business. For the past 7 years, I have built two businesses from the ground up.

I believe coaching is sacred and business is a form of liberation. Therefore, I am a trained coach that has experience in multiple service-based industries.

I am (shamelessly) obsessed with business building, & have consumed countless hours of trainings, podcasts, books, while also integrating & learning from my own trial & error. (so you don't have to)

​I have done business the wrong way, that went against my own intuition & energy for the sake of hustling, gross marketing, + unethical practices.

To now doing business in a way that works for me, that prioritizes pleasure, connection, + safety to my nervous system.

I say all this because I want you to know,

I fucking get it.
You don't need another coach to tell you to just "be magnetic"...
Or to push their icky sales tactics.
Or plugs you in another step-by-step sales box.

​You need someone who fucking gets it. Someone who is willing to go all-in with you on your transformation, hold your big vision, & customize a system that gives YOU the best ROI.

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But don't just take it from me, hear what my clients have to say!


What you can expect from me:

A customized and holistic approach because I care about your personal growth as much as your business growth.

I will hold a powerful and intentional space for you to explore all sides of yourself so you can step deeper into your authentic expression.

Although this container is primarily business coaching, I love to give a mix of strategy, mindset, and consulting to aid your rapid transformation.

When you wobble, have doubts, or want to burn your business to the ground, I will continue to hold your vision and remind you of your purpose.

Annnd of course I am going to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, reflect back to you what you need to hear, and lovingly call you out on your BS so you can release any shit that's keeping you from the business and life you desire.


What I expect from you:

To show up ready, coachable, open to new perspectives, and willing to take action.

Completely understand that this is a co-collaborative space where I cannot do the work for you. Therefore, you are 100% self-responsible for results and making change.

To be in full communication throughout our time together, and give space to trust the process.

Being open and willing to commit to the investment of money and time into your personal and professional growth.

Setting intentions for the container, while also, giving space to uncover what you may need throughout this process.

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If you desire

to become THE go-to stylist in your area, double your bookings and confidence without working all hours or investing in more classes..

Then this is for you!

This is where you will connect with your in-demand stylist identity, create your own rules and finally break free of the struggling stylist narrative forever.

The Investment


Pay in full

Or 4 monthly payments of $300

"Ok I am IN! How can I get started?"

Schedule a 1:1 sales call 

When you schedule a 1:1 sales call with me, we will get to the root of what's keeping your chair empty and you feeling overwhelmed. Then I will outline a plan of what we will work on together for the next 4 months. You will walk away from the call knowing exactly what you can expect if you were to become a 1:1 client and what your business could look like after our four months together are complete. This 50 minute call is a great space to ask me questions about the program and address anything that comes up along the way. 


Q. Why a 4 month commitment?

A. My intention in creating a 4 month program is to give space for your transformation. It takes time to see real results in your business, especially when you are undoing many years of undesirable conditioning, while implementing new habits, processes, and ways of being. In fact, most of my clients renew for multiple rounds of 1:1 coaching so they can keep the momentum going!

Q. When can I schedule calls?

A. Coaching calls happen every week on Monday's and Tuesdays. Once you are onboarded, we will work together to set a time that works for both of us!

Q. This is an investment. How do I know it's for me?

A. Trust that you are reading through all of this for a reason! Something is pulling you deeper into this work. I invite you to get quiet and clear. If you're still feeling the pull, schedule a no-strings sales call with me so I can help validate what you already know and help clarify your next steps!

Q. What are the payment options?

A. One payment of $2,000 or 4 monthly payments of $500. You can choose the payment structure that is right for you on your sales call!

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