Private coaching for selfless women who are ready to unapologetically ask for what they want

so they can live a life that turns them on.

Babe, can I ask you a question?

Do you desire to be well-paid in your business & well- fucked in the bedroom?

Do you crave to fall madly in love with yourself, expand your orgasmic potential, & look at yourself in the mirror with admiration?

Are you tired of that nagging feeling that you are not doing enough?

Do you believe that the only way to be successful is to sacrifice & hustle?

Are you itching to shed your "good girl" identity, and fully embrace your inner bad bitch?

Is this you?

Well, babe, you're in the right place

I get it, babe. I know exactly what that feels like. 

& I'm here to tell you that there is more to your life than people pleasing, over-giving, burning out, and feeling unworthy.

You deserve to feel confident in yourself & your vision.

You deserve to live a life full of your desires.

You deserve to get what you want, (& then ask for more!)

& you deserve to live a life that turns you on.

Now, you're probably thinking

"who the hell is this bitch & how is she reading my mind?"


Hey, I'm Becca Jo.

Master manifestor. 

Sacred Slut.

Empowerment Coach.

& the woman who is about to change your life forever.

I am obsessed with empowering women, like you, to stop the cycle of settling & self sabotage, so that they can reclaim their desires, embrace their inner slut, & live a life that turns them on.

I fully believe that pleasure, & pussy, are the keys to unlocking a life that turns you on.

Now you may be thinking, "what does my pussy have to do with my goals?"

& My answer is: EVERYTHING.

Your pussy is the gateway, the guide, the source of all of your desires.

All you have to do is tap into this divine feminine source within.

Well, how do I tap in??

This, is where it get's juicy.

The thing is....

You already know.

BUT- as women we have been conitioned by society to not trust our innate, divine wisdom.

& it's time to shed those old beliefs that keep you burnt out, insecure, and turned off.

It's time to reclaim your power,

& turn yourself on.

I didn't find this work, this work found me.

Just like it's finding you.

Are you still scrolling through, wondering why you are being pulled deeper into this work?

Take a moment & trust that you are being guided to this page,

to this message,

to this work.

Just like I was.


My journey started with a subtle nudge.

& that nudge turned out to be the thing I was craving.

The very thing I didn't know I needed.

Connecting to my pleasure unleashed my wildest desires.

& it was like a switch was flipped.

Before I knew it, I was able to:


​Harness my sexual energy to create unlimited confidence in myself

(which included dancing around naked & having sex with the lights ON)

Communicate openly my desires, in and out of the bedroom

Deepend trust in my relationship, & completely eliminated fights.

Uncovered my purpose & found my truth.

Change my world view, and fell madly in love with being a woman.

Prioritize my desires, and shed my limiting beliefs around being successful.

& if it's possible for me,

it's possible for you, too.


I'm OBSESSED with helping women

like you:

Have unshakeable confidence in yourself & your intuition so you can stop the self-doubt and take immediate action towards your desires.

Connect to your pleasure so you can embody your radiance.

Own your unique truth, so you can speak your wisdom to create a massive impact.

Rewrite & release all the limited stories around relationships & sex so you can have the passionate relationships you crave.

What to expect:


During our sessions together, you will have the opportunity to be seen & held in a loving, intimate, & safe container. You will be able to express yourself freely without judgement.

Sessions are confidental & private.

This space is for you, & only you.

We will work together as a team to create long-lasting results through guidance, intergration, and self-realistation. Everything is curated to you & what you are seeking support in.

Nothing is too taboo!

What's Included?

-3 one-hour calls per month for 3 or 6 months

-Messenger access to me between calls to help you intergrate, if you need extra support

-Instant & lifetime access to an online resource center full of practices, teachings, and materials for you to reflect on inbetween calls to deepen your results

Total investment:


for 3 months

(Payment Plans Available)

When our intimate container comes to an end, you'll have first choice to continue with another package or you will be able to tap into your own sensual energy to create the life full of passion, pleasure, & purpose.​

"Becca not only allowed me to find guidance, clarity, and empowerment in pursuing my dreams and desires, but she also lead me to find so much beauty and truth I didn't know I had hiding inside of me.


In just a few calls, I found myself dancing to old playlists I missed, dressing for myself and loving how I look, and finding a deeper, more meaningful, sexual connection with my partner.


I was able to forgive myself, let go of my past, create a blueprint for my future filled with my desires and most importantly I found the inner joy and energy I was missing!"

-Dani (1:1 client)

Here's the thing...

I can't do the work for you.

But this is what I can do:

Show up fully for you.

Hold space for you and your vision.

Show up for you in my highest vibration.

I will customize all of my knowledge around money, sex, relationships, and self love, and give you exactly what you need in that moment

I will provide you with tools, teachings, and resources to get to where you want to be faster.

I will help you co-create the life you desire.

& most importantly,

I will believe in you,

even when you don't believe in yourself.

Before you go...

I want you to follow where your intuition is guiding you. 

Take a moment and reflect.

If the thought

"what will my partner think of me hiring a coach?"

"What is this even about?"

"Can this even help me?"

I totally feel you.

& I want you to know, these fears are totally normal.

This may be the first time you invest in a coach, and that's scary & uncomfortable!


But also know, that your brain just wants to keep you safe.

& this just may be a bit outside your comfort zone...


& Just because these fears came up, doesn't mean you have to listen to them.

Maybe at this point you're a "FUCK YES I'M IN"

Or if you're a "I'm not to sure.."

Either way,

I encourage you, to book a free clarity call with me.

Trust yourself in this process, and remember, 

you can't fuck it up.

XOXO Becca