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Let me guess...

You are an intuitive solo-preneur that has had *some* income..

but it feels fleeting.


You have tried all the strategies, but have yet to find something that lights you up & works for YOU.

You go back and forth between burning yourself out or

burning your biz to the ground.


You know that your energy & work is NEEDED.

You give out allllll this free value, & yet, nobody is buying.


Your day-to-day tasks consume your business, & you feel disconnected to your zone of genius.

Lastly, you ask yourself...

"When TF will it be MY turn???"

Do you feel called out?
GREAT! You're in the right place.

I completely understand how frustrating it is to know deep down that:

You are meant to create a massive impact.
You won't settle for anything less.
You desire to live a life full of pleasure & abundance.

BUT if you keep seeing scattered results,
you will have no choice but to burn it all down.

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But what if, in 6 months time, you did shit differently & started to see serious results?
You've done the courses, hired the strategists, but something just hasn't clicked....yet.

I thoroughly believe that there are so many powerful women that deserve to have it all.
& tbh, most of the business advice out there isn't cutting it.

You deserve to have a no- bs approach to building your strong AF foundation to launch your scalable business off of.
But what tf does that look like?

Don't worry, I got you.

But first....Let's get acquainted. 


Hey bitches,
I'm Becca Cavanaugh

Business Magnetism Coach

I guide intuitive entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders to overcome self-doubt, banish burn out, and unapologetically take up space so they can magnetize massive income and impact while being their most bold, turned-on selves. For the past 7 years, I have dedicated my life to building multiple service-based businesses. I know, first-hand, how to grow, scale, & channel a passion into a successful business. Now I mentor, guide, & hold space for coaches, leaders, & entrepreneurs to balance their business AND life, & how they can do it all while prioritizing pleasure. 

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What if your strategy & mindset were so resilient that you knew you could handle anything? 

How resilient, you ask?
How about starting over to build my dream business, during a global pandemic, & having new clients enrolling despite the collective uncertainty. 

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TBH- most of the advice you see in the business coaching world doesn't account for freedom, flexibility, or sustainability. (despite what they preach online)


But there is a reason for this...

Because there is no quick fix, magic pill, or one-size fits all strategy that will make you an overnight success.

If you find yourself hustling, constantly moving on to the next big thing, never feeling like it's enough, obsessed with your phone, & feeling like you're always missing something because

"why tf does everyone else have it figured out but me??"

Then hi, hello, you're not alone.

AND, there is a better way of building a business that includes prioritizing pleasure, space to be human, freedom to be expressed, & the mental capacity to hold it all.

Be bold enough to dig deep.

What I have found with myself, and my clients is that the best results come when we finally get tf out of our own way. Of course, in our 6 months together, we focus on strategy, & leaning on systems to do the heavy lifting so you can embrace more pleasure.


However, just like in our lives, our patterns of self-sabotage, doubt, hustle, & avoidance start to surface in our business as well. 

Maybe you feel like your profit potential is capped. You convince yourself that your clients are annoyed with you. You're struggling to raise your prices. You slip back into working long hours on your phone, & fill your time with busy work. Or maybe each day slips by & you keep telling yourself you'll work on your business tomorrow...

No matter what you are struggling with...the cycle stops here.

In order to step into your sexy CEO energy, where the payments roll in while you are receiving a luxurious massage, knowing you have a full client load that raves about your work on the daily....

You have to prioritize repatterning these cycles, so that when your business pops (because duh, it will) you know you can hold alllll the juicy success & celebrate tf out of yourself!



I dare you to be bold enough to carve out your own space & unleash your magnetism.

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How do you know I'm not bs-ing you?

Because I know what it's like to start a business with little support, no extra money, & racking my brain to make it all work. I went from working multiple jobs at one time, to going all in on my business. For the past 7 years, I have built two businesses from the ground up.


I am a trained coach that has experience in multiple service-based industries.

I am (shamelessly) obsessed with business building, & have consumed countless hours of trainings, podcasts, books, while also integrating & learning from my own trial & error. (so you don't have to)

I have done business the wrong way, that went against my own intuition & energy for the sake of hustling, gross marketing, & unethical practices.

To now doing business in a way that works for me, that prioritizes pleasure, connection, & safety to my nervous system.

I say all this because I want you to know,

I fucking get it.

You don't need another coach to tell you to just "be magnetic"...

Or to push their icky sales tactics.

Or plugs you in another step-by-step sales box.

You need someone who fucking gets it. Someone who is willing to go all-in with you on your transformation, hold your big vision, & customize a system that gives YOU the best ROI.

Speaking of ROI... 

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I have helped clients go from $1k launches to $10k launches.

I have helped clients raise their prices from $600 to $5,100 within the first month of working together.

I have mentored clients through multiple launches, from memberships, to evergreens, to 1:1 offers without burning TF out.

I have helped clients who've gone from 400 followers to 45K followers on tiktok in few months after we clarified their message & infused pleasure into their strategy.

I have helped clients go from stuck on the sidelines to taking radical action on their goals after we curated a system around their unique lifestyle that left them feeling empowered.


I have helped clients communicate boundaries, stand strong in their pricing, & honor their clients when challenges arose, that kept them feeling balanced, & their clients feeling supported.

I have helped clients who are VA's, hypnotists, life coaches, private chefs, beauty professionals, energy workers, and more, expand their profit by doing less.

But don't just take it from me, hear what my client's have to say:

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Emma E.

Dani M.

Michelle B.

Becca holds a very open space. Becca is always willing to meet me where I am at, while also pushing me outside my comfort zone. I admire her warm presence while standing in her authority as a coach. Working with Becca has been more than worth the investment!

In just a few calls, I found myself finding pleasure in the smallest of ways. I felt empowered & confident in my life & relationships! I was able to be kind to myself, let go of my past, create a blueprint for my future filled with my desires and most importantly I found the inner joy and energy I was missing!"

*note this is not an image of Dani used

Working with Becca has been life-changing!  I am so deeply grateful to have connected with Becca. Her compassion & loving energy were exactly what I needed to uncover my deep wounds, & finally bring more pleasure into my life. Becca is the real deal!

*note this is not an image of Michelle used

Here's the deets.

When you hop on a connection call with me, we will take a holistic approach to what's going on in your business. We will take note of how you're feeling, where you're getting hung up, & tap into the vision of what your business could look like 6 months from now. We will create a clear plan on how to embrace more ease & dive deep into what working together will look like.

My clients hire me because they know I won't plug them into a 7-step cookie cutter strategy.

They know that we will work together to create a process that serves them (& in turn, gets them the best results).

My clients know that I will hold powerful space for them, uncover their blind spots, & (lovingly) call them out on their BS.

Once we get started, every call you will receive customized support in the form of strategy, mindset, & accountability to embody the business bitch you know you are.

Honestly, when you're in my energy, you will ALWAYS be in the back of my mind. Therefore, I am a huge fan of sharing different tools, resources, inspiration, business ideas, strategies, etc to help aid your process.

Have a situation come up?

You have access to me for on-the-spot coaching between calls to pick my brain, ask for advice, or even if you're in need of a lil pep talk.

After each session, you will be sent clear action steps based off of the themes of the call so you can start to embody your next level ASAP.


I'm obsessed with supporting you to have:

An unshakeable foundation of self-trust so that way you take BIG risks, stop the hustle mentality, & create a business that supports your most pleasure-filled life

A sexy strategy that brings you excitement & ease so you can finally enjoy launching by staying in your zone of genius

A deep connection to your CEO energy so you can stop the self-doubt spiral & transform people's lives!

The ability to infuse pleasure into everything you do, whether it's in your business, life, or bank account, you will be able to see the infinite ways to reignite pleasure

Create space in your life so you stop sacrificing your sanity while you build your business

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What you really want to know...

By investing in this container, you will receive:

- 18 60-min coaching calls with me during our 6 months together (lifetime access to recordings with notes to revisit later)


- Messenger access between calls to keep up your momentum & move through blocks faster

- Access to any bonuses, resources, tools, etc, during our time together

The investment:

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$900/ month for 6 months

Extended payment plan option:

$600/ month for 9 months

Pay in full option:

$5, 400

*If you are interested in working together in a different capacity, or payment structure, please ask me about it on our connection call!

Here's the thing..

Coaching is a co-collaborative space.

It is up to you to hold yourself accountable, & be responsible for your results.

You know I can't do the work for you.

But what I can do is keep my energy consistent, hold powerful space, listen fiercely, & radically show up for you even when shit feels hard AF.

I will curate my abundance of knowledge to your exact situation, & facilitate your rapid transformation.


I will be there to hold your big vision when it feels impossible, & I will help you dream bigger when you reach your goals.


I will make sure you give yourself space & grace when you feel resistance or contraction. When you're in a state of expansion, I will make sure you soak up alllll the goodness.

If you are tired of burning out, spinning out from doubt, comparing yourself to every other business around you, & are ready to lead your business with more pleasure, freedom, & expression...

Then this is meant for you.

Before you go...

I want you to follow where your intuition is guiding you. 

Take a moment and reflect.

If the thoughts of:

"What is this even about?"

"Can this even help me?"

"I'm scared I won't see results.."

I get it.

& I want you to know, these fears are totally normal.

This may be the first time you invested in a coach, and that can be scary & uncomfortable!


But also know, that your brain just wants to keep you safe.

& this just may be a bit outside your comfort zone...


& Just because these fears came up, doesn't mean you have to listen to them.

Maybe at this point you're a "FUCK YES I'M IN"

Or if you're a "I'm not to sure.."

Either way,

I encourage you, to book a free clarity call with me.

Trust yourself in this process, and remember, 

you can't fuck it up.

XOXO Becca



Q. How long is the program?

A. 6 months. 3 calls per month, with a designated integration week that will be outlined before you invest.

Q. When are the calls?

A. You can schedule out your calls 3 weeks out of the month between 11am-6pm pacific time. Once you are onboarded, you will receive a special link each week to schedule out your calls for a time that works for you!

Q. Are there payment plans?

A. Yup! 6 month, and 9 month payment plans! 

Q. What if I change my mind?

A. No refunds will be offered-  Trust yourself to make the commitment. Of course, I would never force you to stay in the container if it wasn't aligned. I'm all about being open & transparent, so if something happens, we can work together to find a solution that works for both of us.

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Have more questions?
Send me an email here!